Dec 262014
Christmas Dinner in Mabel's home

Hello Food Lovers from all over the world! Christmas has always been a favourite time of year for our family. I remember the 1980’s, filled with warm feelings and memories of us congregating together for fun, food and laughter. My two sisters who lived in London at the time with their husbands and children would […]

Dec 202014
Mabel's Pickles - Assyrian Turshi

Mabel’s Assyrian Pickles The best pickles on planet earth!   Firslty I want to thank ALL of you that have thought of me, and support me with your donations. As you know I love sharing all that I have learn from childhood up to this day and onward with you. God bless you .  Making […]

Nov 152013
Quorn Dolma - Stuffed Cabbage

My Special Assyrian Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Dolma This is a very famous dish and is served all over the middle east with little variations here and there, but it is always cooked with meat. Maybe you may find without meat but not quite tasting the same.  You know me my dear Food Lovers, I like […]

Oct 292013
Special Lunchtime Patties

Hello Food Lovers, Here is a quick Vegan Lunchtime Recipe for you to make that will satisfy those salty greasy cravings when you need a bit of comfort.  Lots of people have asked me “Is this Arooq?” and the answer is, well it could be a version on it for sure. I always say that cooking, […]

Jun 132013
Meaty Omelette

Hello Food Lovers! I really don’t remember there being a Fathers Day in Baghdad when I was growing up, but I do remember cooking for my Father, especially Breakfast.  So as Fathers Day is coming up this Sunday I thought I would share with you my favourite high protein Omelette recipe ‘Magkhlama’. All Assyrian families […]

May 182013
Easy Lamb Kofta

Hello my darling Food Lovers! Let me show you a quick and easy way to create Lamb Kofta (aka. Kebab, Kufta, Kitleta) so that when you fancy it you don’t have to rush to your local Kebab House and get it 😉  – plus, have you noticed that often when you do buy take out […]

May 132013
Special Roast Chicken & Potatoes

The way I make the Chicken and Potatoes in this recipe reminds me of my youth. I can not use words to describe the unbelievable falvours that will bring your taste buds to the highest level of satisfaction with every single mouthful. Put it this way, the day I  made the FREE VIDEO Tutorial (below) […]

Apr 272013
Potato Chaps

For those savoury, salty, greasy cravings! I don’t know about you, but I have the odd day when it seems the only thing that can satisfy me is something savoury, something a little salty, and something a bit greasy.  If you are like me and have the occasional ‘off the track’ day, then this gorgeously […]

Feb 122013
The Lovers Biscuit

Ooo lala.. What have we here? A Biscuit Recipe? Yes, but not just any, this is ‘The Lovers Biscuit’ Recipe!  Be sure to be in the mood for love when creating these scrumptious temptations, as it is sure to ignite the sparkle between Lovers… or the imagination 😉 I am sharing with you a simple […]

Jan 282013
Harissa (Chicken & Barley Soup)

I would like Harissa (pronounced Hareesa in Assyrian) to be known as the all time comfort soup for you chicken eating Food Lovers.  It is deliciously filling, and for this reason it can be (and usually is) served as a main meal.  I have on the odd occasion served it as a starter, but I […]